SharpReel Testimonials

Below are testimonials from SharpReel  customers who have already experienced our services. The testimonials are included in their entirety. SharpReel  thanks you for taking the time to write to us so others can read of your experiences.

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Reel Cleaning

SharpReel Testimonial

Awesome job on cleaning my reels!!! 5 Lews BB 1NG reels and had them back in 1 week.
Todd is a very nice Gentleman!!! I highly recommend giving him a shot at yours!!!

Tony Parrish
Lews BB 1NG reels

They do good work. See the pictures !!!

A great job was done . My reels are older and this was my first time have them cleaned and serviced. I put them to use on some Drum and big sharks . They did great!!! I will be back

Robert johnson
Two older Penn spinning reels were serviced and cleaned


1055 Carbon Steel Katana Sword

First of all, the customer service was outstanding. The Sharp Reel crew accommodated me same day as requested which was greatly appreciated as my repair was time sensitive. I brought it specifically to Sharp Reel because they render service/repairs by hand (No over gouging heavy machinery) which is almost non existent these days.

Let me tell you, these guys are amazing! This sword came back sharper than the factory had initially sent (Something Cold Steel is known for) and the kissaski has been expertly sharpened to the point of intimidation.

The polish was expertly applied and they even went a step further and polished up my brass fittings and cleaned the tsuka without being requested.

These guys are highly recommended and will absolutely use their services again very soon.

Again, outstanding.

Daniel Opoka
1055 Carbon Steel Katana by Cold Steel

Live To Cut Another Day

Sammy's Kitchen Knives

Thank you SharpReel for restoring my kitchen knives. I thought my knives were irreparable, but you brought them back to life. Each one looks brand new again and I can’t wait to use their razor sharp edges. A job well done. They are amazing.

Sammy Payne
6 Inch EKCO Flint Stainless Vanadium Utility Kitchen Knife, 6 Inch Lew Childre TFK Kand Ground Stainless Fillet Knife, 8 Inch ForgeCraft Hi-Carbon Steel Butcher Knife, 6 Inch Ontario Tru Edge Old Hickory Bonning Knife, 8 Inch Ontario Tru Edge Old Hickory Chef Knife

Kitchen Drama

Mike's Kitchen Knives

I thought my kitchen knives were unrepairable until SharpReel put their special touch on each one. They are amazingly sharp and polished to perfection. I want to thank you for a job well done. I also appreciate the advice on how to store and keep my knives looking great. I highly recommend SharpReel to anyone for all kinds of blade restoration.

Mike Maurakis
6 Inch Chicago Cutlery 61S Kitchen Knife, 7 Inch Stainless Steel Generic Kitchen Knive, 8 Inch Maxam Steel Kitchen Knife, 8 Inch New Frontier Chef Kitchen Knife, 8 Inch New Frontier Field Knife, 8 Inch Precision Hollow Ground III Kitchen Knife, 8 Inch Rogers Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife, 8 Inch Serrated KC Fine Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife, 9 Inch Precision Hollow Ground III Kicthen Knife, 10 Inch Maxam Steel Bread Slicing Knife, Chicago Cutlery 8 Inch 66S Carving Boning Knife, Maxam Steel 9 Inch Chef's Kitchen Knife

Reel Madness

SharpReel Testimonial

I sent sixteen spinning reels of various sizes to SharpReel for repair. I did not think anyone could fix these reels, Because each one was badly damaged or broken. When I received the call to pickup all reels, and to hear each one was now working, I was shocked. I also had one lockback folding knife that was in bad condition. SharpReel went above and beyond my expectations by sharpening and cleaning my knife and repairing my fishing reels. Thank You SharpReel. I am amazed. I highly recommend their reel repair and knife restoration services to anyone.

Joel Edwards
Private Reel Collection!

Ultra Sharp

SharpReel Testimonial
I thought I knew what a sharp knife was, not until I had my knife collection sharpened by SharpReel did I truly come to understand how a knife should be. Ultra sharp, polished to a sparkling shine and in a amazingly timely manner. I highly recommend SharpReel knife sharpening services.
I also had SharpReel fix, repair and service my Shakespeare fishing reel. I was amazed to literally watch SharpReel in front of my eyes break it down, fix bad parts, grease and polish it, put it back together and have a better working reel than when I first bought it. I was shocked, worth every penny. I highly recommend SharpReel reel repair services as well.
Chris Boaze
3 Inch Hammer Brand Imperal Folding Pocket Knife, 3 Inch Schrade Super Sharp Pocket Folding Knife, 5 Inch Camillus Sword Brand Folding Knife, 5 Inch Uncle Henry LB7 Folding Knife, 6 Inch Case XX SC607 SSP Kitchen Knife, 7 Inch 152OT Old Timer Skinner Knife, 7OT 5 Inch Old Timer Knife, 7 Inch Farberware Chopping Kitchen Knife, 8 Inch Gordon Ramsay Everday Kitchen Knife, 12OT Old Timer Pal Folding Pocket Knife, 16OT Hawkbill Old Timer Folding Knife, 22 Inch Ontario Knife Company Machete, Shakespeare Tidewater 30L Fishing Reel

Amazing Value

SharpReel Testimonial

Everyone thinks they know how to sharpen a device such as a simple knife until SharpReel perfects it with their magic touch. Not only by sharpening the blades back to factory angles, but also returning a fully restored knife cleaned and lubricated all for only five dollars. If you value your time you cannot perform this task yourself at this cost.

Earl Worsham
2 Blade Folding Case XX 1989 Small Texas Jack Knife, #077 (63032 CV)