SharpReel Website Launch


SharpReel Website Launch

SharpReel has successfully launched its new Website. We want to thank Chris Boaze for building a professional, user friendly site for you to enjoy. The entire site is mobile phone friendly with easy navigation. Each page comes with vital information about our knife sharpening and fishing reel repair services.
Additionally, our ordering system is second to none. The one-of-a-kind system has customer testimonials and service information that illustrates the need to maintain sharp knives and working fishing reels. What’s more amazing, our master technician have personally put his hands on all knife and reel products. Each one has his special touch.
Furthermore, a blog is in the works, more knife and reel products, as well as, giveaways. We have also initiated our social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. We cordially invite you to follow us as we move forward. We encourage you to subscribe for updates as we continue to grow  our new Web presence. We want to thank Chris for a job well done for making the new Website a success!
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SharpReel provides knife sharpening and fishing reel repair services. All blades are sharpened and polished by hand. The only service you will ever need to maintain a razor edge and working freshwater, saltwater fishing reels.