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SharpReel understands how important your fishing reels are to you. Upon receipt of your reel, we will inspect, disassemble and keep a track record throughout the entire process. If your reel requires parts, SharpReel will contact you with an estimate of the cost, you will have the final word on what parts are acceptable. If parts cannot be located, we will find similar reels with replacement parts (with your permission). Please remove all fishing line before sending your reels to SharpReel . Any line on the spools will be removed and not returned.

All reel parts will be thoroughly cleaned to remove grit, grim, oil, dirt, and grease. Once your reel is finished, we will reassemble it and use premium grade lubricants. We will fine tune each mechanism to ensure bearings, spool, crank, and drag properly functions without hesitation. High quality reels will receive the same professional treatment but with higher grade lubricants for long lasting protection and functionality.

Basic Types of Fishing Reels:

SharpReel will straighten bent spools or bails before the repair process begins. If your reel is damaged, please note this when you place your order. SharpReel will not be held responsible for your reel if it breaks, while attempting to repair bent spools or bails. We do not customize your fishing reel for higher performance levels above factory specs, your reel will function like the day you first bought it, we guarantee it.

If your reel comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, it will be your responsibility to have it repaired. If you choose to have SharpReel repair your reel that is under warranty, be advised the warranty will be void. Warranty reels are by Abu-Garcia, Daiwa, Mitchell, Quantum, Rapala, Shimano, and Zebco.

Antique (Specialty) Reel Repair – We offer custom repair for antique or specialty reels, classified by the reels age and wanted to be used as purpose. Have an old reel that used to be in the family and wish you could use it again but can’t find the parts or time to fix it? SharpReel can help.   Give Todd a Call! 434-857-2374

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No repairs are completed without your approval. Whether you have a small single repair or a couple hundred reels, SharpReel can help!

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