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harpReel will polish and sharpen all brands of knives, swords, machetes, and hatchets to perfection. We use various stones to achieve a proper edge according to the type of blade, and its condition. We apply the same technique to serrated blades.

The same applies for polishing the blade and handle. We use various methods of cleaning practices with non-corrosive and nonabrasive material to protect handles and blades throughout the sharpening and cleaning process.

If your blade has a chip or broken tip, there will be no extra charge for attempting repair. We do sharpen ceramic knives; however, we will not sharpen ceramic blades with broken tips or chips. Consult the manufacturer for this process.

If your blade is made of CV (Chrome Vanadium Steel), there is no guarantee the blade will be polished back to its original condition. CV steel has a long history of turning color, or tarnish with a patina that cannot be removed. Some knife collectors like their blades with this patina. This does not affect the knife’s ability to hold an edge.

Blade Length Examples:

We do sharpen and polish straight razors. Although we clean and disinfect all blades, Straight razors must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before the sharpening process begins. These blades will be handled differently to ensure a mirror finish with a razor sharp edge. The cost is applied toward the inches for all other knives.

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SharpReel will straighten bent blades at no extra cost before the sharpening process begins. If your knife blade is bent or damaged, please note this when you place your order. SharpReel will not be held responsible for your blade if it brakes, while attempting to straighten the blade.

SharpReel Satisfaction GuaranteeSharpReel Guarantees your blades will be sharpened with a durable, razor sharp edge, however, we will not be held responsible for blades with a long duration. All blades will dull after use and must be re-sharpened to maintain a proper cutting edge.

If your blade comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, please consult the manufacturer before contacting us to place your order. Some manufacturers use a different type of steel in their blade construction. This will determine the duration of sharpness a blade can handle and what angle we use to acquire that perfect edge without damaging your blade.

Knives will be fitted with protective sleeve for return shipping and should be stored in protected sleeve to protect edges. Save protective sleeves for future shipping of knives.

I do not clean or repair sheaths, do not send them.

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